Italian utilities companies Acque del Chiampo and Medio Chiampo have launched an international tender worth 530 million euros for the construction of a plant to treat dehydrated sludge of the Arzignano tannery district, the largest in Europe.

Environmental sustainability is at the heart of the criteria that have been set to identify the technical solution. Arzignano’s tannery district is located in the Veneto Region, in the North East of Italy. A new company will be set up to manage the plant until 2050 with the majority of shares.


Acque del Chiampo (AdC) and Medio Chiampo (MC) are publicly controlled companies managing purification plants and integrated water service in the Consiglio di Bacino - Basin Council Valle del Chiampo. They have launched an international tender to identify a technical partner which will be entrusted with the design, implemention and management of a new plant to treat dehydrated sludge. The project will run until 2050.

The two companies collectively produce 35,000 tonnes of dehydrated sludge per year, resulting from the treatment of wastewater from industry and households. At present, the dehydrated sludge is disposed in landfills whose capacity will be exhausted over the next five years. 

The plant will be built under a framework program agreement signed in 2005 and renewed in 2017 by the Italian Ministry of the Environment, the Veneto Region and local Municipalities. The agreement aims to rehabilitate the river system of Fratta Gorzone, for the purpose of safeguarding water resources and the environment by using new technologies as an alternative to landfill.

The tender worth 530 million euros is open until December 23rd 2019 and it will run until the 2050. It was unanimously approved by the Board of Directors during the Shareholders' Meeting of Acque del Chiampo Spa and Medio Chiampo Spa on July 31st, 2019.

The tender has two objectives. First, to select the operating partner that promotes the best technological solution. Second, to set up a new company entrusted with a 30-year contract to manage the dehydrated sludge produced by the Acque del Chiampo and Medio Chiampo purifiers plants.